"Kids, how time flies" .... Not for the first and certainly not for the last time, we were able to celebrate the successful completion of their training with our former trainees.
We are very happy about the successes of our trainees, whom we were allowed to accompany over the last years. We always remember with a laughing and a crying eye at the end of the training period, when our fresh hotel specialists have passed their exams and partly leave our hotel to go other ways.

Hotel management training

Like Katrin, our newly qualified hotel manageress, who is continuing her professional career at the reception of a law firm. Looking back, she says:
"The training at the Kurfürst was an incredibly exciting and beautiful time. Even though it was very stressful at times and a few guests were very difficult, we learned to deal with it. Nothing will ever knock us down again in a hurry. We were all a great team and with the training all doors are open to us."

Zorana, who is moving to a job closer to home, is also taking memories and valuable experiences with her:
"The training at Kurfürst was a great time, thank you also for making part-time training possible and accommodating me to start work later as I live a bit further away. We were all a great team, learned a lot even though it was stressful at times, it was all worth it! Thank you to everyone!"

And Natalia remains loyal to our hotel. She enriches our team at the reception. She has already shown herself to be very adept at structuring and documenting work processes during her training and has many very good ideas that we will implement together in the future.

Even though we have been training hotel specialists at the Kurfürst Hotel and Restaurant for more than 20 years, we continue to learn with each new trainee. We are looking forward to welcoming and training our new apprentices in September 2018. Because whoever decides to train as a hotel specialist or as a restaurant specialist or cook, this opens up numerous professional doors at home and abroad. You are by no means limited to the hotel business. It is precisely in hotel management training that the foundations are laid for social competence, empathy and communication. With this training, the young people acquire skills and abilities to work in jobs that cannot be replaced by computers and artificial intelligence, because here the human being is in the foreground and this is not replaceable.

Our three-year dual guest-oriented training in the hotel or restaurant provides knowledge and experience in all relevant areas such as reception, service, kitchen, banquet, meetings and housekeeping or administration. Here, our trainees acquire all the skills to be able to always offer the guest an optimal quality of stay and future-oriented hospitality.


  • The training is extensive and individually tailored to the trainee. Depending on inclinations and strengths, we can respond well to our individual trainees.
  • Creativity, own ideas and suggestions for improvement are welcome. We work with an internal communication system, which also includes a tool for suggestions for improvement. There are no page-long application forms to fill out here.
  • Our official channels are short - the bosses are always available, which means that problems can be addressed and solved promptly.
  • Even during their training, our trainees take on responsibility according to their level of knowledge and are allowed to lead their own shifts.
  • Travel costs to the vocational school will be reimbursed and if you agree not to smoke, we will pay the social security contributions, which means over 200 euros more per month.
  • we assume the costs for additional specialist seminars, for specialist literature relevant to the training and the travel costs to the vocational school
  • Even holiday and Christmas bonuses are paid from the second year of training onwards.
  • Recreation is important. We guarantee our employees and trainees long-term and secure holiday planning.

For those who are still unsure and would like to look behind the scenes, we are happy to offer internships. We arrange these individually. Between two days, also possible on weekends, or a whole week, everything is possible. Even a possibly distant place of residence should not be an obstacle to start an apprenticeship with us. If desired, staff rooms are available directly at the hotel. Likewise, if you have to travel a long way, a complete package including an interview, a day of practical training and an overnight stay is possible.

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Please send applications for training or internships to Rezeption@kurfuerst-hotel.de.

You can also find more information about the training here on our Website under Jobs >> Training at the Kurfürst.

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